Skewers of mutton diced into cubes and cooked over a coal fire underneath the Italian sun. Could there actually be anything better?

This Abruzzese classic is a dish that absolutely must be tried on any trip to Abruzzo. Predominantly found in the Pescara province there are typically two types of arrosticini to choose from, the homemade type and the premade type. Homemade consists of cubes of mutton skewered between pieces of fat which add flavour and help keep the meat tender. The premade type are larger pieces of meat mechanically cut into smaller cubes and skewered.

The arrosticini are cooked over hot coals, on what resembles a piece of guttering, and are rotated every couple minutes until cooked. A very generous sprinkling of sea salt is essential.

A top tip for arrosticini that will save you future grief.. if you hear the word “fegato” and you don’t like liver, then avoid at all costs as arrosticini di fegato is made from liver rather than pieces of meat.

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