Cucina di William Chitarra 500g

Cucina di William Chitarra 500g

*Due to supply issues Spaghetti will be sent. Not Chitarra. 

Chitarra, a square shaped spaghetti, gets its name from the string the dough was original cut on which resembled guitar strings.  Today, the pasta is passed through a bronze mould which gives it a rough texture perfect for holding the sauce. Use for traditional favourites like ragu, oil and garlic and pesto based sauces.
  • Ingredients

    Durum wheat semolina, water

    Contains GLUTEN

  • Nutritional Information

    Average Nutritional Values per 100g


    Energy - 355kcal

    Fats - 1.22g

    Saturated Fat - 0.15g

    Carbohyrdates - 71.6g

    Of Which are Sugars - 5.24g

    Protein - 12.82g

    Salt - 0.1g

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